Carrageenan, also known as eucalyptus gum, stone cauliflower gum, carrageenan, carrageenan, because carrageenan is a hydrophilicity extracted from red algae seaweed such as Eucheuma, Acacia, and Carrageen A colloid whose chemical structure is a calcium, potassium, sodium or ammonium salt of a polysaccharide sulfate composed of galactose and dehydrated galactose. Carrageenan can be divided into κ-carrageenan, ι-carrageenan, λ--carrageenan, γ-carrageenan, ν-carrageenan, ξ-carrageenan, and μ-carrageenan due to the different forms of sulfate ester binding. Carrageenan is widely used in the manufacture of jelly, ice cream, pastries, soft candy, canned food, meat products, eight-treasure porridge, white fungus bird's nest, oyster food, cold food and so on.
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