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Amino Acids Are Extremely Important, And Hopefully For Bodybuilding
May 05, 2018

Amino acids are extremely important, and hopefully for bodybuilding. you'll be able to look at them carefully, and be sure to pay attention to the intake of amino acid foods.

We'll start by understanding what amino acids are, and amino acids are the most basic building blocks of proteins and make them bioactive. For this reason, it is possible to optimize the effect of the protein that you supplement, and a large intake of one kind of nutrition is required, that is, to motivate the protein to work with multiple amino acids. The kinds of amino acid has a lot of, about 20 kinds, but there are eight kinds of amino acids, is through the body's own synthesis, must through the diet to eat, these are called essential amino acids, there are a lot of kinds of amino acids, for the effect of the training is still not small, today he said separate for two kinds of amino acids.

First, essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are:

Lysine: promotes brain development, is a component of liver and gallbladder, can promote fat metabolism, regulate pineal gland, breast, corpus luteum and ovary, and prevent cell degeneration;

Tryptophan: promotes the production of gastric juice and pancreatic juice;

Phenylalanine: participated in the elimination of renal and bladder function loss;

Methionine (methionine) : it is involved in the composition of hemoglobin, tissue and serum, and has the function of promoting spleen, pancreas and lymphatic.

Threonine: having the function of transforming certain amino acids to achieve balance;

Isoleucine: participate in the regulation and metabolism of thymus, spleen and subbrain glands; The subcerebral gland is a general headquarters acting on thyroid gland and sex gland;

Leucine: ACTS to balance isoleucine;

Valine: works on the corpus luteum, breast and ovary. (extracted from baidu encyclopedia, physiological significance of amino acids)

1. Among these, threonine, valine, and isoleucine make up a class of amino acids that many of our friends may have heard of. Branched-chain amino acids promote metabolic synthesis by releasing growth hormones, and insulin, which increases muscle growth and enhances training. Generally, branched-chain amino acids are rich in whey protein. Generally, the daily intake of branched-chain amino acids should be around 6000MG. Sufficient supplementation of branched-chain amino acids can strengthen the synthesis capacity of muscles, improve the recovery ability and reduce some fat. In addition, since branched-chain amino acids make up almost a third of the protein, getting enough of them helps reduce muscle loss. I usually take a large amount of branched-chain amino acids when I cannot train myself or for external reasons, so as to reduce the speed of muscle loss. This effect is also the biggest function of branched-chain amino acids, which can effectively protect our training results. Many friends reported that the training did not increase, although protein was also ingested, but due to the lack of amino acid intake, especially the lack of branched-chain amino acid intake, the training was slowly gone。

Foods rich in branched amino acids: live fish, shrimp, duck, skinless chicken, milk, soy, corn, millet, sticky rice, cauliflower, jujube, pork, lamb, beef, rabbit.

2. lysine, actually I shouldn't have put lysine here, I should have put lysine in the first one. Because lysine is actually a place that limits why the training achievements of Chinese people are so different from those of foreign countries. First of all, lysine can greatly promote muscle growth and improve your immunity. Lysine is commonly found in meat, fish, beans, milk, shrimp and shellfish. Many people mistakenly believe that peanuts are rich in lysine, because the absorption capacity of lysine is extremely low. And our daily diet environment, the hygiene of the diet, determines that these basic quantities of fish are not enough, for example, through water injection to make them bigger, and so on. Secondly, the way we eat dictates that we can't take in large amounts of lysine because lysine is very afraid of high temperature. Generally cooking, stewing and steaming are the best methods, which again explains why chicken breasts should be boiled water instead of stir-fried. All kinds of stir-fried, Fried and Fried food will greatly decompose lysine. For example, although the protein content of McDonald's hamburger is not low, the lysine almost disappears. The protein you supplement is not a good protein. Finally, it is our diet habit. Chinese people like to eat rice noodles, eat vegetables and eat less meat. In rice noodles, lysine content is exactly what is lacking. Therefore, it is not difficult for us to find out the reason why many people say that foreigners can be trained. The reason why we Chinese cannot be trained is not because of your innate ability or genes, but because your diet is a big difference from others.


And then we'll talk about the two kinds of amino acids other than essential amino acids, which also have great benefits for our training, which are glutamine and arginine. Let's start with glutamine:

1, glutamine, he can come from glucose in the body, not amino acids necessary for human body, but through a lot of intake, can very good reduce muscle soreness after we in training, reduce lactic acid accumulation, because the muscle recover faster, our training cycle is shortened, as soon as possible in order to improve training effect, such as endurance, speed, the power of growth. There's enough glutamine in most protein powders, so if you're consuming protein powders, you don't need to add them. So we can see that protein powder is not only to provide protein, he can provide all kinds of high quality amino acids and, in turn, provides the high quality protein, and only a very low calories and fat, which is why protein called training first supply of reason, because you want to improve your training effect, leave the protein, and protein in self play, depends on all kinds of efficient, high quality amino acids.

2, arginine, actually it's called arginine and ornithine, probably a lot of friends don't know much about these two amino acids, but they're really dependent, and arginine is an important part of the ornithine cycle. High doses of arginine and ornithine can increase our production of growth hormones. General training patterns can be divided into two types: strength training patterns that focus on supplementing and stimulating testosterone secretion, and muscle size and muscle mass training patterns that require large amounts of growth hormones. We'll talk about growth hormone today, and we'll talk about testosterone. Growth hormone, it's not something to be afraid of, maybe a lot of friends are scared of hormones and think it's bad stuff, but it's not. Growth hormone secretion is insufficient, to the youth, the child can appear similar dysplasia, the stature is short and so on. For trainers, there will be mental inactivity, slow muscle growth and other phenomena. Therefore, growth hormone is a must for the human body. Do not give up when you hear it. In the same way, arginine and ornithine can also protect the muscles, allowing them to slow down the rate of loss with age. In addition, arginine, according to its Chinese translation name, is not difficult to find that it can well consolidate the strong yuan and improve the kidney ability, and it is also not difficult to find the commonly rich food: sea cucumber, kidney, eel, dried fruit. That's what we call sexually enhanced foods, and it's a testament to the price of sea cucumbers, which are so expensive for a reason..

So it's not hard to see that amino acids are the second but the most critical link in determining protein fitness, and the other one is the absorptive capacity that we wrote about in the last post. There are many foods rich in amino acids, such as fish, meat, beans, eggs, milk, shrimp and other seafood. At the absorption level, chicken and fish absorb better. Legumes are the only category of plant proteins, and the rest are animal proteins we need to train ourselves to replenish. It is not hard to see the sources of high-quality protein that we need to supplement in our daily training: namely chicken, eggs, milk, fish, shrimp and so on. The rest of the food is not considered good protein, as its amino acid content, absorptive capacity, cost ratio and other factors determine.

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