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Application Of Polypeptides In Cosmetics
Mar 10, 2018

Polypeptide is a compound formed by α-amino acid binding in peptide bond, and it is also the intermediate product of protein hydrolysis. Polypeptides have been widely used in recent years as anti-aging products, because beauty is in the nature of men and women, and people want to have natural beauty forever, but aging is inevitable. Today we talk about some common polypeptides.

Dipeptide mainly protects DNA. DNA has the functions of anti-oxidation, anti-carboxylation and anti-glycosylation. DNA dominates cell life through genetic blueprint, and guides cell activity and somatic development, so the appearance of each is different. However, DNA is vulnerable to invisible damage from the outside environment, such as free radicals, pressure, contamination and ultraviolet rays. Once DNA is destroyed, body cells will appear and skin tissues will have problems. The main purpose of the dipeptide is to protect the DNA against cell aging.

Tripeptide mainly stimulates the synthesis of collagen and amino dextran, increases skin compactness and strengthens connective tissue. Extracellular matrix (ECM), which is composed of proteins produced by fibroblasts and interacted with fibroblasts to regulate skin growth, metabolism and regeneration, can be broadly classified into four categories: collagen. Elastin, enzyme protein, and carbohydrates. Tripeptide is a substance in human plasma, which is closely related to cell growth, and it can repair wounds, stimulate fibroblast proliferation and promote the synthesis of collagen and polysaccharides.

Tetrapeptide is a kind of imitating youth hormone, regulate the skin, regulate the interleukin, reduce the harm of ultraviolet ray to the skin, promote wound healing. In cells, interleukin-regulated cell growth and differentiation, too much or too little interleukin will lead to immune aging phenomenon, and interleukin-secretion imbalance will also lead to various aging phenomena. Tetrapeptide mainly regulates interleukin and keeps the environment constant in vivo.

Pentapeptide mainly promotes the proliferation of collagen and increases the thickness of skin. The decrease of collagen in dermis is the main cause of skin aging, and pentapeptide can promote collagen proliferation.

Hexapeptide mainly promotes fibroblast regeneration, repair wounds, stimulate elastin synthesis, reconstruct dermal tissue, increase skin elasticity, softness and enhance skin vitality. There are two different fibers in the skin: collagen and elastin. Elastin is secreted from fibroblasts, and elastin mainly gives skin elasticity and is an indispensable element to maintain skin.