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Are Branched-chain Amino Acids As Dangerous As Creatine? I Am A Fitness Enthusiast.
Feb 10, 2019

These two are not dangerous, they are all supplements, and the side effects are very small, but there are also precautions. Creatine is very simple, mainly stimulates the stomach, but the current products are getting better and better, the absorption rate is higher, more concentrated, and the stomach stimulation is much smaller, mainly to provide ATP energy to the muscles. These substances are in nature. Exist, it is a very safe supplement.

Mainly speaking, branched-chain amino acids, branched-chain amino acids are safe, but it is possible that after use, there is no use to hinder the growth of muscles. The branch chain is mainly one of several amino acids after protein decomposition. The amino acids decomposed by the meat such as meat are classified into glutamic acid, branched chain amino acids, etc., and then recombined according to the needs of the human body. , constitute the body's protein, and then form muscle. Therefore, the essential elements of muscle synthesis of amino acids such as branched chain amino acids are not the only ones. I have learned a little about nutrition. It emphasizes that the amino acids that a human body can accept at the same time are saturated. If one of the amino acids is excessive, the other ones. The amino acid is queued and then combined with the chain before the distribution. If the branched chain amino acid is excessive, the absorption space of other amino acids will decrease at the same time, and the amount of amino acid required for the protein molecule may be unbalanced, resulting in protein resynthesis. Slower speed, which in turn affects muscle synthesis, so I suggest that if you take a single amino acid supplement such as branched-chain amino acids or glutamic acid, it is best to mix some vegetable protein-containing grains to accelerate absorption, and the absorption rate of plant protein is not High, but one difference from meat is that the vegetable protein is mostly a single amino acid or a combination of a few amino acids. For example, the amino acids composed of plant proteins contained in corn and peas are different and complementary, and this imbalance is distributed. Helps to take a single amino acid supplement to help the body absorb.

All in all, there is no harm, but improper use will affect the effect.