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Brief History Of Cosmetic Peptides From MOBELBIO
Aug 31, 2018

Brief history of Cosmetic peptides From MOBELBIO

The polypeptide that has certain cosmetic effect, abbreviation hairdressing peptide. Its kind is various, according to incomplete statistics, the cosmetic peptide variety that sells in the light market amounts to more than 100 kinds. cosmetic peptide is a very popular cosmetic raw material, as a functional component, beauty peptide mainly has anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-sensitization and anti-inflammation, moisturizing repair, firming and tender skin, sun protection and other functions. Because its unit price is more expensive than gold, the skin care products that contain peptides in the market are generally the high-end route, giving it a layer of mysterious color.

We are sure many cosmetics companies, engineers, research and development organizations or individuals are experiencing similar problems,eager to develop and upgrade one or more products, and I hear polypeptides are ok. What good peptides are available? How does this peptide work? Are there any side effects? Is this peptide expensive? How about adding more? What are the taboos? These can be problems for anyone who hasn't used them or wants to try them.

You search casually, can you find a lot of so-called cosmetic peptide sexperts? But they just pay baidu, google,do they understand cosmetic peptides? Does the mechanism of flocculant peptide understand? Do you understand the mechanism of anti-wrinkle peptide?

Our mission  is to tell the truth to customers, the effect is good, bad is bad. For example eyelash peptide and beautiful white peptide, concentration is low, have no effect.

MOBELBIO, heart to heart, heart to delevelop peptides, heart to serve. After years of research and development, MOBELBIO has developed hundreds of cosmetic peptides with various efficacy, basically covering all the cosmetic peptides sold in the market. So any questions about cosmetic peptide, please feel free to contact me.