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Carnosine Usd In Cosetics
Jan 06, 2019

Carnosine,chemical name N-Acetyl carnosine is a dipeptide consisting of two amino acids, -alanine and l-histidine.


Mechanism of action

Because human acetylated dipeptide-3 produces defensin normal healthy skin rarely infects, small molecular peptides with anti-microbial effects can increase skin resistance to microbial infections and provide a fast, first-line chemical fortress for skin to inhibit microbial growth. These peptides protect against a wide range of microorganisms and promote wound healing. Acetyldipeptide-3 is designed and synthesized through a chemical combination that stimulates human 2-and 3-defenses, enhancing the skin's natural defense system and thus maintaining a balance between symbiotic microorganisms and skin pathogens.

Carnosine application 

Consolidate the natural immunity of the skin and activate the first line of defense between the skin and the external environment.

Add it to your daily makeup to get the desired effect

Strengthen skin's natural defense system, maintain fine balance and present perfect healthy skin.

Carnosine storage and shelf life

Acetyldipeptide-3 products must be stored in a cool, dark and clean place to ensure a shelf life of at least 12 months. Long-term storage, it is suggested that in - 20 ℃, shelf life can be extended to at least 18 months.