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Commonly Peptides Used For Bodybuilding
May 31, 2017

There are many members in the large family of peptide, the commonly used peptide for bodybuilding can be used alone, at the same time, they are used in combination with each other, the effect is better. You can use them alone or between steroid cycles - but unlike steroids, you'll get a slower permanent muscle-increasing the number of muscle fibers, not a faster expansion but a slower increase in muscle fibers. So use them for a period of at least three months to get results, and six months of treatment is ideal for optimal results.

Growth hormone releasing peptide

Objective: these peptides release GH pulses by stimulating the pituitary and inhibit somatostatin.

The main functions of GHRP are:

Increase muscle mass

Body fat reduction

Increase collagen

Bone density increase

Increase cell repair

Increased hunger (ghrp-6)

Lean weight gain

Increased production of collagen

To improve sleep

Promote IGF-1 secretion

Common side effects are:

Water retention

Limb numbness/tingling


Ghrp-6 is a first-generation peptide, 1. Compared with other peptides, it enhances hunger, 2. It promotes the amplification of pituitary to release more GH3, which affects cortisol and prolactin.

Ghrp-2 is a second generation peptide, 1. It is less intense than GHRP_6, 2. It affects cortisol and prolactin. 3. Promote the expansion of pituitary to release more GH; 4. Inhibiting the effect of somatostatin

Ipamorelin is a third-generation peptide. 1. It does not affect hunger, cortisol or prolactin. 2. Stronger promotion of expansion of pituitary to release more GH.

Hexarelin belongs to the drug category of ghrelin. 1. Promote the expansion of pituitary to release more GH; Inhibits the effect of somatostatin; 3. Increases appetite and does not increase strong hunger; 3. 4. Lower doses pair with other GHRPS (such as ghrp-2 and Ipamorelin) to induce further elevation of GH without inducing desensitization that typically occurs when Hex is used alone at peak, effective doses. So that makes it unsuitable for long-term use.

The above common ways of use. The muscle-building process is ghrp-6

Fat-reducing ghrp-2 is more appropriate and does not increase a strong appetite.

If you are sensitive to cortisol and prolactin, Ipamorelin will definitely choose.