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Copper Peptide ,GHK-CU From Mobelbio Won Great Feedbacks From Market
Nov 15, 2018

Key wordsl: Copper Peptide / Blue Copper Peptide / Copper Peptide / GHK-Cu


The generalized copper peptide is a complex of copper and peptide, including the most commonly used GHK-Cu, (GHK)2-Cu, AHK-Cu, (AHK)2-Cu, GRK-Cu, ARK-Cu, GRF- Cu, AHF-Cu, and the like.

But which copper peptide do we often refer to? GHK-Cu. GHK tripeptide is naturally present in human blood. It has a small molecular weight and strong receptor binding ability, and can effectively transport copper ions between cells. GHK-Cu was first discovered and isolated in the blood of the human body by Dr. Loren Pickart and has been used in skin care products for 20 years. The tripeptide Gly-L-His-L-Lys (GHK) in human plasma has a strong affinity for divalent copper ions and spontaneously forms a complex copper peptide (GHK-Cu). Copper ions are a very important component for wound healing and many enzymatic reactions.

Copper is a trace element (2 mg per day) needed to maintain bodily functions. It has many functions and complex functions and is an element required for various cellular enzymes. In the role of skin tissue, it has the function of anti-oxidation, promoting collagen proliferation and assisting wound healing. Scientists have found that the wrinkle-removing effect of copper molecules is mainly through the carrier of the amino acid complex (peptide peptide), so that the biochemically effective divalent copper ion component enters the cell and exerts physiological functions. The copper-bonded amino acid GHK-CU is a complex of three amino acids and one copper ion discovered by scientists. This blue-copper peptide can effectively promote collagen and elasticity (Elastin). Protein production increases blood vessel growth and antioxidant capacity, and stimulates the production of glucose polyamines (GAGs), helping the skin to restore its self-repairing talent. The discovery and purification of the Copper Peptide ComplexTM became the exclusive global patent for Neova. Using this breakthrough GHK-CU, you can increase the vitality of the cells without damaging the skin and irritating the skin, gradually repair the collagen lost in the body, make the subcutaneous tissue strong, and the wound heals quickly, thus achieving wrinkle resistance and aging. the goal of. The composition of GHK-Cu is: glycine-histidyl-L-lysine-copper, copper ion Cu2+ is not yellow of copper metal, but blue in aqueous solution. , so GHK-Cu is also known as the blue copper peptide.

INCI Tripeptide-1 Copper

CAS No. 49557-75-7

Peptide sequence GHK-Cu


Copper peptide was originally isolated from human plasma in 1973 and was found to have wound repair function in 1985. In 1999, researchers believed that copper peptide and its copper complex could act as activators of tissue remodeling, which is also a signal. The peptide promotes the degradation of a large amount of collagen aggregates outside the scar, the synthesis of normal collagen in the skin, the production of elastin, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans, the growth rate and migration of different cell types, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation reactions.

1. It can improve skin, smooth wrinkles and stimulate cells to secrete collagen and elastin.

2. Stimulate the synthesis of important glycoproteins and glycosaminoglycans in the cortex, delaying skin aging

3. Activate SOD to accelerate skin metabolism to remove free radicals and delay skin aging.

4. Promote epidermal cell proliferation, maintain skin elasticity and repair skin barrier.

5. Enlarge the hair follicle to accelerate hair growth and inhibit the appearance of the hair.

6. Stimulate the production of melanin in hair, regulate energy metabolism of hair follicle cells, remove free radicals from skin, and inhibit the activity of 5-A reductase.

◎ Restore skin repair ability, increase skin cell adhesion and reduce skin damage.

◎ Stimulate the formation of glucose polyamine, increase skin thickness, reduce skin loosening and firm skin.

◎ Stimulate collagen and elastin to firm skin and reduce fine lines.

◎ Auxiliary antioxidant enzyme SOD, which has strong and beneficial anti-free radical function.

◎ promote vascular proliferation and increase skin oxygen supply.

Beauty effect

Tightening loose skin and increasing elasticity

Improve the clarity of the skin

Improve skin density and firmness

Reduce photo damage and stains

Reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles

Significantly increase the proliferation of keratinocytes

Promote hair growth


Appearance blue powder

Qualitative analysis (HPLC+MS)

Moisture ≤5%

Acetic acid ≤15%

Purity ≥95%

Recipe reminder

Water-soluble, pH 5-7, the final stage of the formula <45 ° C low temperature addition; good compatibility; stable without discoloration;

Application and recommended dosage

Can be used as facial and body care anti-aging; eye care; face, neck and hand care; post-stretch stretch care; hair growth products; add 0.05%-0.5% in the final stage of cosmetics production, the highest use The concentration is 0.5%.

Packing 1g / bottle, 5g / bottle, 10g / bottle, 100g / bottle or custom

Storage Copper peptide powder must be stored in a cool, dark and clean place, at a low temperature of 2-8 ° C, sealed and stored for two years.