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Does Human Growth Hormone Do Much Effectivve On Anti Aging ?
Jun 08, 2016

Does  human growth hormone  do much effective on anti-aging ?

At present, there are many anti-aging products of hGH (human growth hormone) and anti-aging products of hGH (human growth hormone) and anti-aging products of hGH (human growth hormone). In response, the reporter interviewed guo lihe, former director of the Shanghai institute of cell biology of the Chinese academy of sciences.

The human growth hormone is a protein hormone secreted by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland and consists of 191 amino acid residues, guo said. Its main physiological function is to promote human growth, if lack of can produce dwarfism) and maintain the normal function of tissues and organs (if a severe lack of can cause tissue atrophy and organ function failure, including nerve, immunity and other organs, etc.). These physiological functions are mainly to enhance the cell's absorption of amino acids and promote protein synthesis. Protein is the basis of cell life activities, its synthesis and degradation rate balance (called on nutritional metabolism and nitrogen balance of positive/negative) determines the strength of the cell vitality, including nerve, immunity, blood and other tissues and organs), and also determine the body disease resistance, ability to resist infection and normal physiological function of tissues and organs. In addition, it plays an important role in the balance between salt and water metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism. , for example, the old man's blood hGH levels less than 1/10 of the children, therefore the cause of the old man tends to negative balance of nitrogen, protein synthesis cell moisture decrease, decline in physiological function, carbohydrates into protein not easily, and a rise in blood sugar and fat accumulation, body is easy to get fat.

The secretion of hGH decreases with age, and gradually decreases every year from 20 to 30 years old. Therefore, the secretion of hGH in 60 years old is only half that in young age. At 80, it's only a fifth of what it was when you were younger. It is this drop in hormone production that causes our youth to begin to fade year by year.

Review and its dental implications, said in the 1980 s, genetic engineering, 1986, genetic engineering is one of the inventors and Nobel laureate wave yell through synthesis of rhGH gene recombination technology, for the first time for the mass production of hGH. In August 2003, the U.S. food and drug administration (FDA) approved long-term use of hGH for children based on rhGH's exact efficacy and high safety. As the only anti-aging agent that can reverse aging fundamentally and reappear youth,rhGH has become the first anti-aging product in the United States, Japan and many western countries.

In China, in 1986, the Chinese government officially listed rhGH research as one of the key research projects of the national "seventh five-year plan", which was undertaken by Shanghai institute of cell biology of the Chinese academy of sciences. In 1988, laboratory results were produced, producing 191 amino acid single chain polypeptides that were completely consistent with the structural activity of human body. In 1998, the rhGH project was awarded the national certificate of class ii new drugs, and rhGH became the second gene product listed in the national pharmacopoeia after insulin. In the same year, the industrial production -- recombinant auxin injection was realized. In may of 2002, China hGH team chief scientist professor cell review and its dental implications of the director of the graduate school of Chinese academy of sciences, solved the difficult problem skin cannot absorb the century of hGH directly, realized the transdermal absorption of hGH, in June the same year, review and its dental implications professor developed the world's first set of contain hGH cosmetics and skincare products, it is also the domestic first set of real biological beauty products.

'if you use hGH properly and correctly, it can really slow down the aging process and restore physical strength,' said guo. For example, in the case of organ failure in the elderly, using hGH treatment, can delay the aging, but if the energy very strong young people don't need to use this kind of product, USES the also won't have any effect. When asked if the hGH product had any side effects, guo said there were no obvious side effects from using a normal dose of hGH. All the side effects found so far have been caused by the use of large doses. Using large dose injection (three or four times bigger than the normal amount of hGH, can cause mild edema, and wrist joint pain, on the other hand, cancer, diabetes and abnormal liver function in patients avoid using hGH. So keep in mind, don't use high dose of hGH and injection at will.