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Foxo4-dri Peptide Selectively Destroys Senescent Cells
Mar 22, 2018

Researchers at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam found a way to restore the effects of aging after an experiment on older mice. The first time that researchers has shown that you can get rid of senescent cells without having any obvious side effects. They have developed a molecule that selectively destroys senescent cells. The number of senescent cells in tissues rises substantially during normal aging. Cellular senescence is the phenomenon by which normal diploid cells cease to divide and remain in the body in a semi sleeping state. The metabolism of the senescent cells continues, meaning that they continue to secrete proteins, including inflammatory cytokines what causes a faster aging of tissues and a poorer organ function.


Senescent cells have the type of DNA damage that should spur a protective protein, called p53, to eliminate the cells. Instead, the researchers found that when p53 was bound to FOXO4, p53 got stuck in the nucleus with the FOXO4 and never made it out of the cell where it could start the cell death. Scientists wanted to find a way to get FOXO4 and p53 unstuck from each other and let p53 do its job so that the senescent cell will die. To make this happen they created Foxo4-dri peptide and the result is that p53 bind with FOXO4-DRI more than regular FOXO4.

Research with genetically modified mice showed that the senescent cells successfully died off when FOXO4-DRI was introduced and they reversed a substantial part of the damage done by the chemotherapy. Elderly naturally aged mice that were given FOXO4-DRI got healthier and generally displayed behavior usually attributed to young mice.

This is a huge discovery FOXO4-DRI is now one of the most promising developments in anti aging in a long time because it doesn’t just seem to slow down aging, it actually reverses it.