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Functions And Applications Of Fish Collagen
Mar 16, 2018

The effect and function of fish gluten protein powder, so in the 21st century, collagen is a well-known beauty mystery, the skin occupies 70-80. The function in the skin is equivalent to an elastic net, supporting the skin tissue at the same time with a strong lock-in effect. As we get older, the collagen in the human body will gradually lose, when the skin elastic network broken, dry, collapse, rough and other skin problems at any time and anywhere affect our health and beauty.

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Effect of fish gluten protein powder 

1.Fish collagen has a very good skin care, anti-aging effect, the supplement of collagen can moisturize the skin, smooth the dent, so that the skin is tender and lustrous, is a strong backing for the dermis, The beauty effect is amazing. 

2. Collagen supplements the nutrients needed by subcutaneous tissue to effectively inhibit dry hair, bifurcation, and keep the nails soft and glossy. Collagen supplements also maintain vascular elasticity. Prevent vessel embolism and burst. 

3.Collagen also has a good hemostatic effect. It is often sprinkled on the wound during the operation. Collagen acts with platelets to quickly clot the blood. 

4. Collagen promotes growth hormone and muscle growth. People who want to keep fit and fit are also essential to supplement collagen, which accounts for 7080 percent of the total organic matter in bones. Collagen binds to bone cells. 

5.the main protein of cornea is collagen, the supplement of collagen can effectively protect the health of cornea.