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Do You Know Herbal Nature That Have The Effect On Aphrodisiac
Aug 08, 2018

The impotence is mainly from the male physiological aspect to increase the male virility. In today's society, having a good sex life has become a part of a healthy life. Compared with chemical drugs, medicinal plants are characterized by high safety and little toxic and side effects, so the study of medicinal plants in the field of impotence is one of the hot spots of medical and pharmaceutical research. This paper reviews the research progress of some medicinal plants with impotence. But, the author suggests do not know the plant to eat in disorder, should ask a doctor first.

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1, maca

Maca (Lepidium meyenii Walp.) belongs to the solitary herb of cruciferae family. Its main medicinal parts are underground rhizomes. Zheng BL et al. [27] found that maca liposoluble extract can significantly enhance the libido and sexual ability of mice, increase the number of planks and mating in male mice, and improve the erectile function of erectile dysfunction rats. At the same time, the erectile latency period of the testicular rats can be shortened, which indicates that maca has a significant effect on improving sexual function. Yu longjiang et al. [28] compared the effects of water extract, petroleum ether extract and ethanol extract of maca powder on the sexual vitality of male mice. The results showed that each extract of maca significantly shortened the incubation period of male mice and increased the number of mating. Petroleum ether extract is the most effective. According to the author, as a popular health product in China, the famous "healthy" maca tablet is mainly because of its high content of maca powder, which is much more convenient than buying messy maca in the market.

2 boschniakia rossica

[Boschniakia rossica (Ccham. Et Schltdl) Fedt SCH. Et Flerov.] Chinese medicine, whole herb medicine. The aboveground parts of herba cistanches are mainly containing herba cistanches, herba cistanches, C9 terpene lactone, C10 terpene lactone, C11 terpene lactone, herba cistanches, herba cistanches, herba cistanches nara glycosides, cube-gusterol, oleanolic acid, 3-meso-oleanolic acid, and mannitol and alkaloids in the roots [5]. The kiwifruit base of cistanche deserticola alkaloid can act on the central nervous system, enhance the sedative and hypnotic effect of phenobarbital, shorten the resting period of estrus, extend the estrus period and the later stage of estrus, showing the function of enhancing sexual function [6]. Aphrodisiac effect is mainly achieved by affecting the pituitary, the asexual hormone - like effect [7].

3 eucommia bark

Eucommia ulmoides Oliver belongs to Eucommia ulmoides Oliver, which is a kind of Eucommia Eucommia

Plants. At present, wild resources are scarce. The main chemical components of eucommia ulmoides include lignans, phenylpropionins, cycloalene ether terpenes, flavonoids, and eucommia ulmoides gum. Both jujujic acid (glycoside or methyl ester) and eugenin diglucoside can prevent sexual dysfunction [8]. Eucommia bark water extracted parts and n-butyl alcohol extract and ethyl acetate extracted parts can be enhanced in different degrees of superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase (gsh-px) and catalase (CAT) activity, reduce the malondialdehyde (MDA) content, to make the body of the vital signs improved, may be the kidney Yang, filling out the mechanism of the kidney essence [9].

4 raspberry

Raspberry (Rubus chingii Hu.) belongs to the rosaceae Rubus chingii. Raspberry fruit contains alkaloids, flavones and glycosides, anthraquinone and glycosides, polysaccharides and glycosides, cardiac glycosides, saponins, lactones, coumarins and glycosides, phenolic compounds, hydrolytic tannins, condensed tannins and other physiological active substances. Raspberry water extract can reduce the level of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone (LHRH), pituitary secreted follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), luteinizing hormone (LH) and gonad E2 in the hypothalamus of rats, and the regulation of gonad axis may be the pharmacological basis of "kidney-tonifying astringency" [10].

Five Chinese wolfberry

Medlar (Lycium chinense Mill.) plants of the genus belongs to the solanaceae medlar, medicinal part with medlar, dry mature fruit, Chinese wolfberry leaves (tender stem leaf) to bone and skin (dry skin), mainly containing unsaturated fatty acids, crude fiber, alkaloids, amino acids and trace elements, such as active ingredients are mainly Chinese wolfberry polysaccharides, wolfberry seed oil and betaine. Lycium barbarum polysaccharides is one of the main components of lycium barbarum, and the content of polysaccharides in dried fruits of lycium barbarum amounts to 2.70%~4.90%[11]. Lycium barbarum polysaccharides can obviously shorten the penile erection latent period, ride the latent period, and increase the percentage of the animal ride. Increase the serum T level and decrease the level of E2. Increase the organ coefficient, sperm count and vitality of the accessory gland. The mechanism of lycium barbarum to enhance the sexual function of semi-castrated rats is not as a male hormone substitute, but may play a role by regulating the function of hypothalamic-pituitary-gonad axis [12].

6 leek

Allium tuberosum Rottler. Studies in recent years have shown that the contents of Fe, Mn and Zn in traditional Chinese medicine of kidney-tonifying and yang-aiding are higher. Leeks are rich in Fe, Mn, Zn and VE, and VE can increase men's sperm count and enhance sperm vitality, and also stimulate gonads to secrete hormones. Therefore, leeks can warm the kidney and help the Yang [13]. Leek extract can significantly increase the content of testosterone and NO, and increase the concentration of NO, and enhance the ability to stimulate penile erection. Increased testosterone concentration promotes the production of nitric oxide synthase (NOs) and arginine enzyme, inhibits the production of phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) and improves sexual function [14].

7 thistles

Tribulus terrestris l. is a plant of Tribulus terrestris, which is a plant of Tribulus terrestris. Its flowers, seedlings and roots are also recorded for medicinal use. Its chemical components mainly include saponins, alkaloids, flavones, polysaccharides, amino acids and vitamins. Among them, tribulus terrestris total saponins can promote sperm production, increase sexual desire, promote female rat estrus and improve reproductive capacity. Clinical studies have found that tribulus terrestris can increase men's sperm count and vitality, treat male sexual dysfunction, increase women's ovary function, and prevent menopausal syndrome [15]. Adimoelja A.

Cistanche deserticola y. C.Ma is an endangered species of Cistanche deserticola. Its medicinal parts are dry fleshy stems with scales. The separated chemical components are mainly benzenosides, cycleneterpenes, lignans, polysaccharides and alkaloids. Among them, total glycosides of phenylethanol are the main active components in cistanche deserticola deserticola, which have a variety of functions such as impotence, anti-oxidation and memory enhancement. C. deserticola water decoction can make mice sperm count, live rate increased significantly, strengthen, sperm speed faster, sperm deformity rate drop, increase testicular sperm production function, the microenvironment of the epididymis pipe is improved, at the same time, phase 1 Yang Hongxiu, such as: have an aphrodisiac effect of medicinal plants in progress of the 77th in the seminal plasma fructose content is an important component of epididymal function, fructose content in medication group was obviously higher than that of control group. Histochemical studies showed that the reactions of SDH and NSE were strongly positive, indicating that cistanche deserticola had the effect of invigorating the kidney and nourishing the Yang


9 dogwood

Cornus officinalis sieb. et Zucc. Dogwood contains a variety of chemical components, including volatile components, glycosides and glycosides, organic acids, tannins, cyanethers and terpenes. Polysaccharides of cornus officinalis is the main bioactive substance of cornus officinalis, which can improve the sexual function of semi-castrated rats. The mechanism may be acting by promoting and improving the functional regulation system of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonad axis [18]. Water soluble substance in dogwood can reverse the organ coefficient of testis in rats with kidney-yang deficiency and increase the RNA content in the interstitial cells of testis, suggesting that it has a significant effect of nourishing kidney-yang [19].

10 curculigo

Curculigo orchioides Gaertn belongs to the genus lycoris, and its dried roots are used as medicine, mainly containing glycosides, saponins, phenols and tannins. Studies by zhang mei et al. [20] indicated that ximao A may be an effective component of its kidney-tonifying and aphrodisiac properties. Guo-ming dong etc. [21] the study found that the water extract and alcohol extract curculigo were significantly increased body weight in mice, and prolong the swimming time, this may be related to the kidney strong sun role of curculigo, mechanism of action may be curculigo extracts of Yang deficiency type SD rats serum superoxide disproportionation enzyme (SOD), blood zinc/Cu ratio value, the blood plasma cAMP/cGMP level with recovery.

11 epimedium

Epimedium koreanum Nakai is a genus of berberaceae herba Epimedium. It is a dry overground part, mainly containing flavone, lignin, alkaloid, polysaccharide and volatile oil. The main ingredient, icariin, can significantly increase the development of the accessory sex organs in young mice and promote the secretion of testosterone in the interstitial cells of testis in vitro. Further studies have shown that this effect works through the cAMP pathway [22]. Icariin can also directly stretch the smooth muscle of rabbit's penis, and its mechanism is related to the no-cgmp signaling pathway, especially inhibiting cGMP metabolism, so as to relax the corpus cavernosum and enhance the function of penile erection [23].

12 cnidium monnieri

[Cnidium monnieri (L.) Cuss.] is an umbrella type of snake bed plant. The fruit is used as medicine. Osthole is the main effective component of osthole, which can antagonize the thyroid inhibition of propyl thiouracil, prevent the occurrence of "kidney-yang deficiency", and has the effect of reinforcing kidney and strengthening Yang [24]. Yuan Juanli [25] by research such as common cnidium fruit, to young male hormone levels of castrated male rats and found that the influence of nitric oxide synthase activity, common cnidium fruit, can raise the level of castrated rats androgen and gonadotropin content and the activity of nitric oxide synthase, common cnidium fruit element is sample androgen and gonadotropin sample.

13 milkvetch seed

The dried mature seeds of Astragalus complanatus r. Br., a legume plant, contain sterols, amino acids, tannins, phenols, terpenes, flavonoids and alkaloids. Sperm count, sperm motility and prostate and seminal vesicle indices in rats and mice with sperm disturbance were significantly increased. At the same time, it can significantly reduce the number of sperm malformation, increase the serum testosterone (T) content, and reduce the levels of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicular stimulating hormone (FSH). In addition, it can significantly increase the body temperature and spontaneous activity, prolong the survival time of hypothermia swimming, increase the testicles and increase the seminal vesicle index in the kidney-yang deficiency model mice, and has the effects of tonifying kidney-solid essence, temperature-yang dispersing cold and tonifying lean gas [26].

15 notoginseng

Panax notoginseng (Burk) f. h. Chen) belongs to Panax notoginseng (Burk), a plant of Panax notoginseng (Burk), which belongs to the root of the subterranean root. It contains saponin, volatile oil, flavonoid, sterol, polyylenol, carbohydrate, amino acid and other chemical components. By comparing the pharmacological effects of ginsenosides and panax notoginseng, it was found that panax notoginseng has a weight-increasing effect on the accessory sex organs, prostate gland and seminal vesicle of castrated young male rats, and has a certain androgen like effect [29].

16, morinda

Morinda officinalis How belongs to rubia, rubia, and its succulent root is one of the four southern drugs in China. Its chemical composition includes anthraquinone compound, cyclic ether terpene glycosides, organic acids, sugars, glycosides, amino acids, etc. Among them, anthraquinones are the main components, and free anthraquinones in anthraquinones are mainly beneficial [1]. The experiment of drosophila sexual activity and the larval feather rate showed that morinda oligosaccharide had obvious effect of invigorating kidney and invigorating Yang [2]. Its aphrodisiac effect is mainly to improve the response of pituitary to luteinizing hormone (LRH) and ovarian to luteinizing hormone (LH), and to enhance the luteinizing function of hypothalamic-pituitary-ovary [3]. It can also reduce the Rt value of the M receptor in the brain and weaken the responsiveness of the parasympathetic -m receptor-cgmp system [4].

78 AD 1, 2012

16 Fadogia agrestis (schweinf. Ex Hiern). Rubiaceae plant Fadogia agrestis, rhizome medicine, mainly contains alkaloid and saponin, and has a small amount of anthraquinone and flavonoids. Rhizal water extract can repair sexual damage in animals, especially those caused by hypotestosterone. The aphrodisiac mechanism may be increased testosterone in the blood [30].

17 conclusion

Natural medicines have been used for thousands of years in China, among which plants account for the majority. In recent years, with the deepening of the research on medicinal plant chemical ingredients and their biological activities, the therapeutic effect and curative effect have been more and more concerned and recognized by the world, which also brings hope to the treatment and even cure of many diseases. At present, the research on the medicinal plants of zhuang Yang is not very comprehensive. Most of the research work is mainly on the extract of a part or the whole plant, but the problems of which components play the role of zhuang Yang, whether a single component plays a role or a combination of ingredients to produce curative effect are still to be solved. Therefore, it has a broad prospect to study the natural medicine which has the function of aphrodisiac.