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Introduction Of Sarms Powder RAD 140 /RAD-140
Jul 30, 2018

Rad-140 basic properties

Product name: rad-140

Chinese synonym: rad-140

CAS no. : 118237-47-0

Raw material grade: medical grade

Quality standard: enterprise standard

Description: white powder

Content: 99%

Origin: China

Product name: rad-140

Specification: 10G/ aluminum foil bag

Chemical name: rad-140

Application: rad-140 can be used as raw material and intermediate of chemical industry.

As a selective androgen receptor modulator, rad-140 has been shown to improve lean body weight and function, increase tendons, promote ligament health and increase bone density.

Resources for rad-140:

Rad140 is one of the main advantages of not using steroid-related side effects. So it can be used as an alternative to testosterone replacement. Specifically, it has been shown to act in the same way as hormone receptors in tissues compared to testosterone. It also has a greater synthesis effect than testosterone and a better enhancement effect.

RAD - 140:

When you exercise at a high intensity, you increase speed, stamina, and endurance, and speed up muscle tissue metabolism, helping you achieve greater results in less time.