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Melanotan II /MT-2 Introduction
Mar 10, 2018

Chemical name: melanotan II / MT-2

Synonym: melano acetate; Menanoltan II; Melanotan II; Melanil acetate II; Melanil acetate 2; Melanotan 2; The melanin; Beauty's ACETATE temple Ⅱ MELANOTAN Ⅱ ACETATE

Name: Melanotan II

Ac-nle-cyclo (-beta -ASP-HIS- d-phe - arg-trp -EPSILON-LYS-NH2); AC - NLE CYCLO - [(BETA - D) - HFRW - (EPSILON - K)] - NH2; AC - NLE - CYCLO - ASP - HIS - D - PHE - ARG - TRP - LYS - NH2) ACETATE SALT; AC - NLE4 - C [ASP5, D - PHE7 LYS10] ALPHA - MSH (4-10) - NH2; Ac-[NLE4, ASP5, d-phe7, LYS10] -alpha-msh (4-10) -nh2; (ac-nle4, ASP5, DPHE7, LYS10) -cyclo-alpha-msh (4-10) AMIDE; AC - NLE - ASP - HIS - D - PHE - ARG - TRP - LYS - NH2; AC - NLE - ASP - HIS - D - PHE - ARG - TRP - LYS - NH2, ASP5 - LYS10, CYCLIC LACTAM

CAS no. : 121062-08-6

Molecular formula: C50H69N15O9

Molecular weight: 1024.18

Related category: Amino Acid Derivatives; Protective amino acids; Polypeptide; Peptide; Melanocortin receptor; Peptides; Signaling pathway kinase inhibitors; cytobiology

For scientific research, not for human body!

Can be used for impotence, skin cancer!

Main treatment: Sexual impotence, skin cancer

In the course of the study, melanotan II / MT-2was found to have effects of darkening the skin, increasing energy and suppressing appetite, so although it has not been approved by the food and drug administration, it has been abused by many women as a weight-loss drug.

Experts warn that many people who abuse the drug are smug about the cosmetic results, but in addition to the usual nausea and the side effects of blushing, some may experience the opposite effect of blotchiness and color enhancement. Some experts worry that the drug, which is used to treat skin cancer, could instead lead to the development of skin cancer