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MOBELBIO Supply High Quality Fish Collagen Peptide
Oct 23, 2018

Fish Collagen peptide  is a macromolecular functional protein that is the main component of the skin and accounts for 80 percent of the dermis. It forms a fine elastic mesh in the skin that holds the moisture firmly in place and holds the skin. Collagen Peptide is made up of three peptides to spiral fibrous protein is the most abundant protein content in the human body is widely distributed in connective tissue, skin, bone, internal organs mesenchymal cells, muscle, ligaments cavity and sclera parts more than about 30% of the total body protein and it is rich in the human body needs of proline and hydroxyproline amino acid is human body cell especially skin collagen characteristics, such as an important part in the extracellular matrix and collagen is also popular in developed countries beauty of beauty and health products.

MOBELBIO Supply High Quality Fish Collagen Peptide in cosmetic grade and food grade, please contact us for details.