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Polypeptide Toothpaste Can Be Used To Repair Tooth Cavities In The Future.
Sep 15, 2018


We have heard of a probiotic pellet, an Alzheimer's treatment and BioMinF toothpaste that can treat or even prevent tooth decay. Now, scientists at the University of Washington have developed natural products that can do the job. Under the leadership of Professor Mehmet Sarikaya, the researchers created a polypeptide derived from amelogenin (short-chain amino acids), a protein essential for the formation of dental crown enamel.

These peptides bind to the tooth surface and then biomineralize by binding calcium and phosphate ions. In this way, they can reconstruct the teeth and “cure” the early cavities by restoring the mineral structure in the native enamel.

In laboratory tests, the peptide allowed 10 to 50 micron of new enamel to be deposited on the teeth after each application. Researchers hope that once the technology is commercialized, it can be used for everyday use of toothpaste, which should be safe for adults and children, as well as gels that can be used in dental clinics.

“Polypeptide-directed remineralization is a healthy alternative to dental care. The peptide-functional formula will be simple and will be implemented in over-the-counter or clinical products,” Sarikaya said.

Scientists recently published a paper on the study in the journal ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering.