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Recombinant Human Growth Hormone Introduction
Oct 02, 2018

Recombinant human growth hormone is also called youth hormone. Human growth hormone is rich in protein, lecithin, cephalin, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, such as the combination of these ingredients, both from the composition and content ratio, are all natural, scientific and reasonable collocation, easily absorbed by human body cell and utilization, so easier to activate and repair the senescent cells, maintain normal metabolism of cells, tissues, organs,.

Recombinant human growth hormone (HGH) is an insulin-like growth factor type 1 (igf-l) produced by liver, which can promote the absorption of amino acids by muscle cells, the synthesis of cellular DNA and RNA, the absorption of extracellular proteins and the storage of sugars and nitrogen. The result of these actions is increased muscle cell growth and increased cell size, thus increasing muscle strength and exercise capacity and performance. Dr. Rudman's clinical trial of 12 older adults showed an 8.8 percent increase in lean meat after six months of use. (because of this role, HGH has been used in the past by athletes and bodybuilders to strengthen their muscles and their overall performance, unlike anabolic steroids, which cannot be found in the medical examination of sports organizations, HGH human growth hormone has been of great value in the sports world.) HGH can reduce weight to fat - "a medicine called a reduced fat (Liposuction)".

Function and purpose editing

This product has the same function as human growth hormone, namely can promote the bone, the internal organs and the whole body growth, promotes the protein synthesis, affects the fat and the mineral metabolism, plays the key role in human growth and development. About 80% of subcutaneous injection was absorbed, and peak blood concentration was reached 5 hours later, t1/2 about 4 hours. Mainly used for endogenous pituitary growth hormone secretion caused by the growth disorder, dwarf body dwarfism, short disease children. In addition, it can be used to treat burn, fracture, trauma, hemorrhagic ulcer, tissue necrosis, muscular atrophy, osteoporosis and other diseases.

1. Adjust the endocrine system to restore the level close to puberty and balance emotional fluctuations, so that breast redevelopment, increase and increase elasticity can be delayed and menopause can be delayed.

Second, it can activate and maintain the normal work of the immune system, improve the ability of immune resistance, and make the human body less ill.

3. Activate the active electrons and oscillating molecules of cells, make the bottom cells of the skin that stop dividing grow again. The active electrons absorb the water molecules to increase the skin moisture content, make the face dark, wrinkled, light, white, delicate and elastic, and restore the youthful skin texture.

Fourth, promote muscle growth and prevent muscle atrophy, so as to consume body fat, especially the central fat in human body (the fat in intestines, liver, abdominal cavity and subcutaneous fat in abdomen and waist), so as to restore the arrangement of muscle and fat to the youthful state.

Fifth, is the most effective recovery sexual function material, supports the normal gland body function, enhances the sexual desire endocrine index, causes the microvessel to open. Through chemical information secreted by the pituitary gland, the hair follicle cells are revived, the nutrients are fully increased, and the enzyme is increased (cause of white hair = enzyme reduction), which directly stimulates the dying hair follicle to restore growth.

Regulate the central nervous system of the human body, promote the metabolism of brain cells, enhance memory, improve sleep and relieve insomnia, mental tension and anxiety. It has adjuvant therapeutic effect on early senile dementia and senile dementia.

8. Promote the regeneration of zang-fu cells such as heart, liver, kidney and islet, restore the functional activity of liver, kidney and islet, and lead to hepatitis b virus carriers; Big and small sanyang; Super high Alt transaminase; Hyperglycemia; Urinary protein hypertrophy and other liver diseases, nephropathy, diabetes has auxiliary effect.

Promote wound healing, regenerate burned skin, reduce local edema and scar formation.

Promote the absorption and storage of calcium by bone cells and prevent osteoporosis.

Can enhance physical strength, make people energetic, long working hours without feeling tired.

Improve one's temper, make one confident and cheerful, and renew one's youthful spirit.