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Testosterone-the Key Hormone For Bodybuilding
Jul 26, 2018


There are more than 75 hormones in the body, of which the most familiar and probably most important for fitness is testosterone. Testosterone, testosterone, testosterone, testosterone, androgens, you can always imagine the ability of different products that you've heard through different channels, and these words are directly related to the benefits of being more confident, younger, stronger, and stronger.

But seriously, how many people know what they're talking about and have a basic understanding of testosterone? You just want to improve it, but you don't know how much it's high or low, how much it's low, how much it's high, how much it's low, how much it's working, how much it's bad when it's good, so let's go in and answer all of these questions.

A hormone called testosterone, testosterone, or testosterone, produced mainly by the testicles of men or the ovaries of women, and also by the adrenal glands. Before you know what testosterone does, you need to know what hormones are.

Hormone is a chemical produced by the human body, which plays a key role in various bodily functions such as reproduction, metabolism, growth and development. In short, it ACTS as a messenger to release signals to cells and organs to regulate the body's functions.


Testosterone, the most important male sex hormone, is involved in muscle strength and mass, bone density and strength, blood production, calcium balance, sexual arousal, sperm production, energy levels and mood.

Said the point, the role of testosterone is easy to find - the more testosterone in the body, look sound and external signs will look more masculine, and when there are low levels of testosterone, are likely to affect the corresponding "masculine", such as sperm count and quality, cause sleep problems, relative will be harder to increase muscle and strength, but also will cause the lower sexual desire, and even affect the erectile function... And we need to know if we're low on testosterone, which is obviously what's the normal range of testosterone.

It's also very simple. A simple blood test at the hospital can help you determine your total and free testosterone levels. In general, the normal range of testosterone in men is:

The total testosterone level of adult males was 9.45-37.45nmol/L(270-1070ng/dl)

The total testosterone level of adult women was between 0.21 and 3.01nmol/L(6-86ng/dl).

You can see that women do have much lower levels of testosterone than men, and in both men and women, free testosterone levels are generally around 2% of the total testosterone level.

Little knowledge:

Estrogen secretion will be more selective focuses fat on the breasts, hips, thighs and other parts, but inhibit the waist adipose accumulation is different, but more male hormones can make fat distribution in the waist and abdomen, which resulted in a large scale from most men tend to centrality obesity, whereas women tend to peripheral type limbs fat easily.

Look from the wide range, and some body will naturally occurring testosterone than others, but do not represent you on numerical lower will be the corresponding symptoms, this is will be different for each person, especially under the different ages, symptoms of low testosterone in the testosterone levels have significant differences. And this is not just related to your testosterone levels, but also depends on your free testosterone levels, because most of the body's production of testosterone binds to two proteases in the body, making it difficult to work with them.

Although it may seem that everyone's testosterone levels vary a lot, you can rest assured that most people are in the middle of this range and that there is nothing wrong with being appropriately high or low. If you do have low testosterone levels, it's important to consult your doctor first, rather than buying products on the market. I suggest you start by adjusting your diet, paying attention to your daily activity levels, getting more sleep, and improving your lifestyle.

And although keep testosterone in the scope of a normal or higher for men with a lot of benefits, but it is by no means is the higher the better, higher testosterone may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes risk of sending rate, will also affect the normal metabolism of sugar and fat, and also analyzed many times before high testosterone may be more likely to cause skin problems (pore bulky, acne, etc.) of grease is secreted increase may also contribute to hair loss.

So in the face of this problem is really simple, as long as you are in a healthy range, so are you more or want to start from the life, a healthier way of life is the foundation of the most effective to keep your testosterone secretion, and if you feel you need to improve in some ways, then go to a doctor consultation is the most feasible way.