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What's Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF)
Oct 31, 2018

Recently, there has been a trend of EGF in the skincare industry. More and more people in the field of skincare have begun to try EGF skin care products, commonly known as freeze dried powder, and have been deeply impressed by its efficacy. "freeze dried powder" has become the new web celebrity in the skincare industry. All kinds of brands of freeze-dried powder have mushroomed rapidly. Then, in the face of the uneven quality of freeze-dried powder, how can we choose effective content of high, effective powder?

To understand the effect of a skincare product, you first need to know its core active ingredients

The core effective component of freeze-dried powder is oligopeptide, and the most used in medical cosmetology are oligopeptide -1 (EGF), oligopeptide -3 (BFGF), oligopeptide -4 (AFGF) and oligopeptide -5 (KGF).

Oligopeptide -1 (EGF), also known as epidermal growth factor (EGF), was originally used in medicine to promote the growth of burned skin and the healing of skin ulcers. It will play an important role in the treatment of skin diseases, gastric diseases and corneal transplantation. And then gradually applied to the beauty industry,

Oligopeptide -1 has 5 core functions:

1. Quickly repair damaged skin;

2. Smooth eye wrinkles and tighten skin;

3. Whitening and freckle removal;

4. Sun protection and repair after sun exposure;

5. Prevent acne, remove scars and shorten the time of wound repair.

Oligopeptide -3 (BFGF), also known as basic fibroblast growth factor, has a strong pro-proliferation and mitotic effect on 3T3 cells.

Oligopeptide 3 has 5 core functions:

1. With deep repair function, it can be used to repair newly generated pockmarks, after laser treatment, spots and spots dispelling acne and red blood silk repair;

2. Smooth the skin texture and restore the ruddy and shiny skin, making the skin soft, smooth and elastic;

3. Restore the vitality and elasticity of skin, and enhance the water-locking function of cells;

4. Soften the cuticle, activate the skin, balance ph and improve skin immunity. Effectively improve the thick pores;

5. Accelerate the update of cuticle cells, effectively prevent wrinkles, and have obvious and lasting anti-wrinkle effect.

Oligopeptide -4 (AFGF), also known as acid fibroblast growth factor, is a multifunctional and powerful cytokine, which plays an important role in promoting the metabolism of fibroblasts and the formation of collagen.

Oligopeptide -4 has 4 core functions:

1. Repair effect: it is 95% effective for removing acne, removing color spots, whitening, improving skin elasticity and repairing damaged skin.

2. Anti-wrinkle and anti-wrinkle effect. By skin renewal, skin elasticity can be promoted and skin nutrition can be replenished.

3. Remove color spots. AFGF replaces original cells by promoting the generation of new cells to reduce the content of melanin and colored cells in the skin.

4. Sun protection. AFGF is applied to the skin surface and reduces damage to skin cells at the right side of the harmful ultraviolet spectrum.

Both AFGF and BFGF can dispel acne and repair pockmarks. BFGF is 30-100 times more effective than AFGF

Oligopeptide 5 (KGF), also known as keratocortical fibroblast repair factor, is relatively new compared to oligopeptide 3 and oligopeptide 4. Different from oligopeptide 3 and oligopeptide 4, oligopeptide 5 ACTS on the deep layer of skin and improves the skin condition from inside to outside, with significant effect and almost no skin irritation.

Oligopeptide 5 has 4 core functions:

1. Thin cutin layer caused by peeling and bad ingredients in cosmetics used in the past (the investigation showed that the thickness of skin with bad skin whitening products was only 1/5 that of normal skin), with red blood silk exposed, fragile, prone to red and itchy hair;

2. For the skin that is short of water and dry due to climate, environment and other reasons, it is sensitive and affected by temperature difference and sun exposure, resulting in skin peeling, roughness, swelling and telangiectasia.

3. For sudden allergic symptoms caused by pollen, alcohol, food, irregular life and physiological phenomena.

4. It can also improve the color mark and superficial scar of acne and dark sores.

Generally, freeze-dried powder is mainly composed of oligopeptide -1, which is combined with oligopeptide -3, oligopeptide -4 and oligopeptide 5

So, if you pay special attention to dispel acne imprint, it is recommended to use the oligopeptide -3 freeze-dried powder.

If you pay special attention to freckle removing wrinkle, it is recommended to use the oligopeptide -4 freeze-dried powder.

If you want to deeply repair the skin base and improve the skin quality from the inside out, it is recommended to use the freeze-dried powder with oligopeptide -5.

The selection of core active ingredients is one of them. It is also necessary to understand the content of oligopeptides. The higher the content of the product, the better the effect.

The main ingredients of CITYBELLE oligopeptide hyaluronic acid original solution are composed of oligopeptide -1, oligopeptide -5 and 2% hyaluronic acid (small molecule hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid sodium), which can be absorbed by the skin more easily and promote each other with oligopeptide. The core active ingredients contained in the product are listed in the front row of civil skin care products. The two are separately encapsulated, and when used, the two agents are mixed to ensure the activity of the oligopeptide molecules. This form can not only use oligopeptide to achieve efficient repair pockmarks, repair the muscle base. Hyaluronic acid can also be used to resist wrinkles, pull and tighten skin to achieve the two-in-one effect, saving time, saving money and doubling the effect.

Purslane extract and glucomannan were added to the solution. Purslane extract known as plant adrenaline, anti - inflammatory, anti - allergy. Oven-dextran can reduce inflammation, detoxify and improve immunity, making it suitable for all skin types.

Product copywriting can lie and exaggerate the actual effect, but the ingredients and content on the skincare label will not lie and the effect is interpreted with the product ingredients, which is what CITYBELLE needs to do.